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Instant Golf Slice Cure – “The Dave Way”

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Instant Golf Slice Cure -
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… Are you tired of dealing with a nasty slice when you go out to play a round with your friends, family, or co-workers ? Not to mention the embarr ment ?

… Have you tried all the latest training aid’s only to find that your Golf Slice cannot be stopped by some gizmo you just spent 200 bucks on ?

… Have you gone to the range and somehow you miraculously started to hit straight golf shots, saying to yourself… "I think I got it, I think I got it!" … then when you hit the course your score card still looked horrible ?

… Or are you the type of golfer that wants to get better, spending countless dollars on lessons and expensive clubs, but nothing seems to put a dent in your Golf Slice ?

"The Dave Way" Easy to Learn Steps Simple Practice Drills -equals- Straight Drives! Explosive Distance!

It is surprising to me that…. golfers continue to spend huge sums of money on fancy golf training aids and expensive lessons to recreate their golf swing. If you bought the latest training gadgets all through the year you would have to make Tiger sums of money to support your habit. And lessons aren’t cheap either! Fifty to a hundred bucks an hour, for some pro to take your swing, break it down and mold it into some swing you will never achieve… of course you might achieve it after 3-5 years with the same coach. Absolutely Ridiculous!

Another Unsolicited email received about "The Dave Way"… I really like this one:

Listen to a Personal Message from Dave Moore! Click the PLAY on NOW!

Dave, I have to tell you my story. It may be quite pre- , but it’s worth telling. I’ll keep it short. I’m 29 and I’ve been playing golf since I was about 18 or so. My dad is a consistent golfer – usually shoots in the mid to high 80′s. He’s taught me most of what I know, which isn’t really that much.

I haven’t ever been that consistent, or accurate, of a golfer. I always have those 2 or 3 good holes, which keeps me playing. Well I went out and finally bought myself one of those great big drivers, thinking this was going to help me. I just bought it last week, because tomorrow is our family reunion golf tournament. I took the driver to the range this past week, then played a round of golf. It was the worst round I’ve played in years. My slice was atrocious.

So here I am panicking. I found myself on the internet yesterday looking for some tips to fix my slice. I came across your site. Just so you know, I am one of the biggest skeptics when it comes to buying things such as secret tips and so forth over the internet. But I like what you had to say on your site, so I figured I had nothing to lose. I downloaded your book and thought it made pretty good sense. I made my way out to the range today for some last minute practice before the big tournament. I have to tell you. After 4 drives, I was drawing the ball just like you said. I practiced all three drills, and found myself drawing the ball on demand, and off demand… hey, no more slice! I let the steam out a few times, and although I’m not quite ready to give it all I got, several of my drives were some of the best of my life. I am truly amazed. If only someone had told me about the 10 years ago!

Now I know I’m speaking too early, but I must say that so far, this is the best 47 bucks I’ve spent on golf (I’ve never had a real lesson). Hopefully, I’ll go out and do well on the course tomorrow. Take care. Matt B. – Leesburg, VA

Well… Matt thought he was speaking too early, but I received this email just a day later!

Dave, We had our little family reunion golf tournament today. I shot a 93 – my best round in at least 2 years. And that’s with only 1 trip to the range to practice your drills!

That score could have easily been in the 80′s, had I concentrated a bit more on several occasions. It wasn’t perfect, but compared to my past two year average of about 100-105, I’m pumped!

The craziest thing is that I had some of the prettiest shots of the day out of the group. I couldn’t believe that I was intentionally drawing the ball on dog-leg-lefts! I had so much fun. I stuck to the three main tips all day.

I can’t wait to hit the range again and continue… Read more…

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Click4Surveys – Get Paid Cash To Take Surveys!

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Click4Surveys - Get Paid Cash To Take Surveys!
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It’s about a man who was at one of the lowest times in his entire life, and the story of how he was able to completely turn his life around.

I was ashamed of myself… worried that I was going to lose my house… and have to go through the shameful, degrading process of moving my wife and daughters back into my parents ba t…

It was a late afternoon and I had just got home from my job as a saw operator, cutting fibergl for a small factory.

My bank account was negative and I was in debt to multiple credit card companies. I was living beyond my means and could not afford the mortgage for our house anymore.

So, I went ahead and started my usual routine of logging on to the internet and searching for ways to make money online.

And, as usual, I was unable to find anything remotely close to a legitimate way to make money from home. I was just about to call it a night and go to sleep…

I couldn’t believe it, but this is real money and I am earning a REAL income. My life has completely turned around.

…to paying off ALL of my debts, being able to comfortably live a great life, easily pay bills, AND save up more money than I ever have before!

Finish these surveys and you’ve already made some money before you even finished your breakfast!

Well, once you put the kids down for bed, you can jump on the laptop for about a half an hour, knock out a couple of surveys, and earn some quick cash before you call it a night!

Check it out. With this Research Panel, all you’ve got to do is scroll through and pick what survey you would like to take! They actually tell you how much money you’ll earn before you even start the survey… it couldn’t be any easier!

There is nothing better than being able to succeed while enjoying the comfort and quiet of your very own home. You can complete surveys while you watch tv or listen to music. You could even complete surveys while you are chatting online or talking to friends on facebook.

Below you will find an ACTUAL screenshot of one of these Research Panels. You just log in, choose the survey, and get paid!

You may be wondering what kind of surveys you will be taking for cash. Well, let me tell you these are very simple surveys that even a child could complete!

They are only going to ask you questions about your shopping habits, what products you choose, and why you choose those kind of products.

“Thank you thank you thank you so much for this opportunity. This has literally changed my life. I couldn’t be more satisfied with my decision to join this program. One of the best choices I’ve ever made.. HANDS DOWN!

“I’m here to tell you that, seriously, you join Click4Surveys and you get PAID to take surveys! This is the real deal! It’s extremely easy to do and they have a huge database of companies that want to pay you for your opinion! I gotta say I’m addicted.”

“If you have an opinion you can get paid! I, for one, am a very opinionated person so this has been the best program I have ever joined. Unbelievable!”

"…Seriously, it is that easy! That’s all you’ve got to do and you get paid cash! I still can’t believe it but it’s definitely true. You’ve got to see this."

"I’ve tried so many different ways to make money from home and I finally found exactly what I was looking for. I can honestly say I am proud to be a Click4Surveys member. Just like they say there is plenty enough to go around. You need to join this now you will be thankful that you did."

“When I heard I could get paid just for giving my opinion by completing paid surveys I jumped right in. The surveys keep coming and I just keep giving my opinion lol!”

"This program is really a great value and it is totally worth it to become a member. All you’ve got to do is join up with the survey companies and watch your inbox for new opportunities every day. The surveys are easy to complete and actually kind of fun. I would be quick to recommend this to anybody who is looking for some extra income. It’s legit, simple, easy, and it pays. My experience so far with Click4Surveys has been a good one."

"When I first saw the Click4Surveys website, I thought it looked pretty good. I was a little uneasy about joining the membership but I went ahead and decided to give it a shot… Read more…

Pass GCSE Maths – How to Pass your Maths GCSE in 4 Weeks

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Pass GCSE Maths - How to Pass your Maths GCSE in 4 Weeks
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If you answered YES to any of these questions, then read on… I will show you, in the next few minutes, how you can achieve all the above!

“I Followed His Approach And Achieved 90% In My Next Sitting. I Thought It Was A Fluke So I Put It To The Test Again. The Result – 100%”

“After many failed attempts, I almost packed in my GCSE maths altogether. But fortunately I didn’t, thanks to Jeevan’s guide! When I read it, I found out exactly where I was going wrong all this time! I followed his approach and achieved 90% in my next sitting. I was gobsmacked and I thought it was a total fluke so I put his strategy to the test again. This time, I got 100%! Unbelievable! If only I came across Jeevan’s strategy sooner.”

“I Discovered A Method Which Allowed Me To Revise For My Maths Exam In Record Time, And Achieve The Result I Wanted“

My name is Jeevan Singh and about 10 years ago I accidentally discovered a method which allowed me to revise for my maths exam in record time, and achieve the result I wanted. I was at primary school at the time, preparing for my Key Stage 2 maths exam. I followed my revision ‘system’ to prepare for the big day – during that time I continued to do the things I enjoyed, such as:

When it came to the day of the exam, I wasn’t nervous at all! I knew I would get the result I wanted – which is exactly what happened.

To be honest, I was just a kid then and didn’t really know that I had discovered a unique maths revision system. However, when studying for my Key Stage 3 Maths, I used the same approach. Revising for my exam wasn’t stressful any more. Needless to say I passed with a level 8 (the highest grade possible).

As you can see, that unique Maths revision approach I discovered when I was a kid has helped me immensely. It will do the same for you.

“After Reading About Your Success And What Your Program Has Done For Others, It Inspired Me To Do Better And Aim For The Best Results…”

“Before coming across your guide, I wasn’t highly motivated to study nor confident that I would achieve the best grades in my GCSE’s. However, after reading about your success and what your program has done for others, it inspired me to do better and aim for the best results. At the end of the day, there is no reason why anyone cannot achieve the best grades in their studies…

Your maths revision guide/strategies are fantastic! You have really opened my eyes as to where I’ve been going wrong all this time and what I should focus on, going forward. I’ve also applied your methods to other subjects too such as Science and seen a vast improvement in terms of revision and progress. I cannot thank you enough for sharing your strategy! I am very confident that, providing I follow your plan, I will excel in my final GCSE exams next year and most importantly, make my family proud! :)

“I didn’t think failing my maths back in high school would come back to haunt me but it did! After graduating from Edge Hill University, I was looking to undertake a PGCE in primary teaching. However, one of the requirements was a pass in GCSE maths so I had no choice but to re-take it. After failing it twice, my confidence was very low and I didn’t think I could qualify for the PGCE. After running a Google search on passing GCSE maths, I came across Jeevan’s revision system. The feedback it received looked very good so I decided to give it a try…

And it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. After going through Jeevan’s guide, I managed to grasp the entire subject and I passed my next GCSE maths exam, with ease. He (Jeevan) provided me with all the tools I needed to prepare for the exam. Together with his guidance, it was a foregone conclusion. Thank you so much Jeevan! You have potentially changed my life. I recommend anyone looking to pass their GCSE maths, to purchase this fantastic package!”

“I’ve Made It Really Easy For You. Just Follow My Step-By-Step System And You’ll Be Ready To Take Your GCSE Maths Exam In A Month“

I’ve documented all you need to know into a special guide that will help you pass your GCSE maths and achieve your target grade. All you have to do is follow my instructions, put in the amount of work suggested… Read more…

Deposition Testimony – Best done for you client prep for depositions guaranteed

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Deposition Testimony - Best done for you client prep for depositions guaranteed
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Has this ever happened to you? If you’re a practicing litigator, this has definitely happened to you. Was this your fault? Well, no. You did your work, and you did it well. You’re brilliant at your job and incredibly smart, but it doesn’t matter how great a lawyer you are if your witness shoots you in the foot.…

The fact of the matter is now there is a system that has been developed. A system that trains your deponent to be the perfect witness every time.

Before I became an in-house litigator at NBC Universal, I’d never used deposition-prep video training with clients in the many years I practiced at Davis Polk. In those days and at that law firm, I definitely would have scoffed at the idea. But at NBC Universal, we were required to use one for every witness we defended. It opened my eyes in a big way.

I was amazed at how much better my clients performed in their depositions after having viewed the training program. It brought to life all the fundamentals I had covered with them, and then drove them home. My clients could see witnesses testifying the right way – and the wrong way. They experienced what their depositions would look, sound and feel like. And they could see the harsh consequences of getting it wrong. As soon as my witnesses saw the proper method – being very narrow and specific – as opposed to just hearing it from me, it ALL CLICKED.

But there was a huge problem: The training program was embarr ingly dated and incomplete. So I set out to create a new, perfected version – professionally produced in beautiful high-definition video. DEPOSITION TESTIMONY: 5 SIMPLE RULES was created with the professional in mind – a tool that reflects your high standards for your clients. This training system teaches witnesses exactly how to handle themselves and the questions they are asked during depositions. It substantially supplements your preparation efforts and produces astounding results – with no extra time or effort required on your part. If you do not have time to prepare a witness, this system is a Godsend.

“In fact, many of the nation’s leading firms and companies are already using the DEPOSITION TESTIMONY: 5 SIMPLE RULES system to ensure their clients shine in depositions. What’s more, in response to customer demand, we now offer a yearly ‘all you can eat’ option that’s very cost effective for high volume customers.”

“I also wanted to leverage leading-edge technology to create a new system. Easy to use. Instant results. A system you can activate right away, allowing your clients to view it anytime, anywhere, online, as often as they wish!”

Just like you, I’ve witnessed how the Internet has revolutionized our lives and businesses. I’m a lifelong technophile and gadget guy. From social media to the latest software apps, we use technology to put the world at our fingertips. Instead of sending messengers to the courthouse, we file papers electronically. Instead of filling rooms with files and do ents, we use case-management software and databases to access key do ents in seconds. Your clients already are accustomed to watching video online on sites like YouTube and Hulu. Why not a deposition prep system, too? DEPOSITION TESTIMONY: 5 SIMPLE RULES is the next step in bringing your law practice into the 21st century.

And most importantly, your clients will walk into their depositions feeling confident and in control.

“This system allows small firms to compete with the biggest firms in the country. Technology levels the playing field.”

Consider how many of the world’s top athletes and coaches have used the power of video to drastically improve performance. For decades, they’ve known that video gives them knowledge of exactly what to expect and the confidence to face it. It works for them. Why not make it work for you? DEPOSITION TESTIMONY: 5 SIMPLE RULES gives your witnesses something to emulate. That’s the key. They will thank you for it when they ace their depositions.

There are no advanced steps to follow. It’s all done for you. Just forward the link and p word to your clients and they are all set. Easy! It’s effortless, efficient, and highly effective.

“Deposition Testimony: 5 Simple Rules is a great teaching tool for witnesses and young litigators alike. Dramatic scenes, practical narration and superb production values combine for a highly effective and engaging presentation that makes the techniques of good deposition testimony extremely easy to absorb.” Gail Migdal Title, Esq. Co-Managing Partner Katten Muchin Rosenman LLP Los Angeles, CA

“The video gives witnesses the experience of seeing what can happen to them in a deposition or trial if they are not careful, thoughtful and prepared. The visual impact of… Read more…

Emini Trading Course – Learn how to trade S&P 500 and Nasdaq-100 futures contracts.

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Emini Trading Course - Learn how to trade S&P 500 and Nasdaq-100 futures contracts.
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Master the Big 3 of profitable Emini trading and there’s simply no way to fail…

There are only two kinds of traders. Winners. …and Losers. Ninety five out of one hundred don’t make it in this field. For their failure they blame everyone but themselves. Wrong. There is only one person to blame. You. This course is about joining five in a hundred. It’s about winning.

Why is it that most trading books and courses that you have come across are full of advice such as "you need to have a winning at ude…", "it is important to get in touch with your inner self…" psychological mumbo jumbo. It is because their authors either are not willing to share their strategies, or they don’t know how to properly convey their strategies to the reader.

These are 1-minute candlestick charts for S&P-500 E-mini contracts for two different trading days covering periods from 930am to 12pm. You can observe that horizontal lines are representing major support and resistance areas. What would you say if you were told that these lines were drawn before the start of these two trading days? That’s right. Successful traders know where the major support and resistance areas will be located before the start of regular trading hours.

Enter your name and email address below and you will find out how to draw the most important support and resistance lines BEFORE the trading day starts by receiving our FREE trading lessons…

Don’t get too excited yet! Although it is very helpful to know where to draw these lines, it is not enough. There are many other factors that you need to take into consideration when looking for the best place of entry.

You may have an excellent understanding of financial markets, realistic expectations, plenty of capital and nerves of steel. However, if you don’t have a tested and proven entry/exit system eventually you will fail. This is where our course differs from most of the educational material that you have come across. You need to know when to get in, when to get out, and you need to understand why.

"E-mini Trading Course™" will provide you with all the essential knowledge and cutting edge strategies that are necessary for your success.

What about those who claim that you can trade for only couple hours per month and make huge profits. In your dreams, maybe! If you are not willing to invest your time and effort, don’t even start. Trading success doesn’t come free and easy. What you put in is what you get out!

Where will the S&P 500 be in five months? I couldn’t care less.The only factor that I need to make money is volatility. Let’s say that S&P 500 is at 900 today. In five months it may be 850, it may be 1200 or it may be 900. To me it’s absolutely irrelevant. What I am after are those nice fat intraday swings and as we all know there are plenty of such swings in today’s market.

"E-mini Trading Course™" will provide you with the strategy that is equally effective in both bear and bull markets. Actually, in bear markets many investors act irrationally making it easier for successful traders to make money.

A unique proven winning strategy that covers both S&P 500 and Nasdaq-100 E-minis explained with easy to understand examples

You will learn which stocks you should watch for S&P 500 and which stocks you should watch when trading Nasdaq-100

What does the "E-mini Trading Course?" include? The "E-mini Trading Course?" covers all aspects of stock index futures (e-mini) day trading and it includes a proven strategy that is explained with real life charts and examples. I live in Europe, will your trading system work here? Most of our clients are U.S. and Canadian residents however a great number of people from countries such as United Kingdom, Italy, Belgium, Germany, Turkey, Australia, Singapore… have been able to successfully implement our strategy. Concepts and techniques that are explained in the course work from anywhere in the world. The course has been designed to be useful in every country. Will I be required to buy any additional products from your company in order to be able to implement your strategy? Absolutely not. We are not affiliated in any way with any software provider, brokerage house or any other investment services firm. Does the course cover both S&P 500 and Nasdaq-100 trading? Yes it does. S&P and Nasdaq e-mini trading are similar in most aspects. However their trading strategies do differ in some instances and those instances are covered in the course. Can I use the course at trading instruments other… Read more…

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How To Raise Geese – Homepage

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How To Raise Geese - Homepage
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Finally! An Easy to Follow Guide to Raising Geese Successfully the First Time, AVOID the Need To Visit The Vet and Save Money from Deadly Mistakes that first time Geese owners are susceptible to!

Who Else Wants a Beautiful, Healthy Geese…Without Having to Spend a Bundle or Constantly Worry about Your Geese’s Health?

If you already have or are thinking of getting a goose then there’s something you must know about. Are you frustrated with the limited quality of Geese Raising books on the market? Are you disappointed again that they are difficult to follow? Not enough information? Do you have questions on raising geese properly that need to be answered? You have tons of questions about raising geese and you’re sick and tired of searching for information from all over the place, struggling to get the true and complete facts. If you have any interest at all in getting a goose… and if you want to find out what type of goose you should get…or you just want to figure out whether you should get a goose or not…keep reading on for the most important information you need to know. If you’re serious about Raising Geese for fun, hobby, or profit, there are a couple of questions you may ask yourself. Do you encounter such questions and don’t know where and who to go to?

How to build a good house for geese? What are the ideal conditions for keeping geese on a small holder level?

How many types of goose species are there? Which one should I start with?

What enemies or predators do geese have?

When is the breeding or mating season for geese?

There are many benefits for keeping geese: for eggs, meat, exhibition, as rare breeds, just pets, purpose of weeding with geese, down and feathers, watchdogs or business venture. W ver your reason for choosing these fascinating birds, you need to know how to raise them properly, from planning their birth to how to raise them properly.

Making a mistake when Raising Geese can be deadly for your Geese, not to mention costly, frustrating and downright depressing.

Are there any ociations, sanctuaries or organization relating to geese where you can get support?

If you or one of your loved ones wants to know how to raise geese from start to finish, but have a lot of doubt or questions…

Just enter your name and email address below and click for instant access to get the eReport and the FREE Geese Information NOW!

At one time, I was very interested to Raising Geese too! Unfortunately, it seemed so easy and I just jumped into it without any thought.. I had a tonne of questions, but didn’t have anything closed to what an answer would be. More than once I wished I could be a vet and an experience breeder at the same time. Then the whole issue would hold no secrets. Why? Because I knew only knowledge and experience could give me the skills to raise a goose. Information is truly the most powerful tool to help you raise geese. You see, if you would recognize the proven methods to raise geese right away, you could help your geese instantly. And only if you’d know what your geese needs, you could give the best possible care.

Of course you can see a vet and ask what to expect. But their time is valuable – and pricey. Or seek a breeder for advice. But they’re too busy to tell their secrets to an unknown stranger. So getting the knowledge of a vet and the skills of a breeder ain’t as easy as I have tried it and I know from personal experience. In fact, I have researched countless hours through websites, books, magazines, forums; talked to many geese experts and tried different ways to learnt… You don’t need to go through the frustration that I did, the pain of nobody to turn to for valuable advice on geese raising.

Learn everything you need for your peace of mind and confidence in raising geese. You’re going to save time, money and aggravation. You’ll learn to avoid the mistakes and disastrous situations that you’ve been vulnerable to. Poor methods of raising swan can also put you at high risk of a less than satisfactory relationship with your swan. Not to mention the potential health benefits your goose loses by not being able to understand their behavior.

So if you’re feeling afraid, uncertain and worried about taking the plunge into raising geese, then please relax. You’re not alone and help is at hand. Read on and hear everything I’m going to share with you to discover how you can learn from the best… Read more…

Dr. Drum – Digital Beat Making Software

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Dr. Drum - Digital Beat Making Software
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Did you ever wish you could create the beats that make everyone want to get out and jam?Do you want to make beats that go BOOM?

Now you can! We’ve cracked the code on how to make top-shelf beats on the fly with just your computer (PC or Mac)….

You’ll be able to create unique bangers that’ll rival all the greats who use professional studios… You can lay down your beats and samples in a matter of minutes and be the DJ that everyone wants! This is your chance to sound HOTTTTT! and bust out the beats and the Best part is It doesn’t matter if you’ve never created a beat before in your life…Even if you’ve never touched a sequencer or mixing board before…

When I first started using this software, I’d never created a beat before in my life but a couple hours later I played back my new beats and they blew my mind, I’d laid down a track that was better than some of the local DJs were pumping out at night.

And… that was my first day! Everyone wants to lay down sick beats, but most of us have been led to believe that you have to be a producer with swagger and have a lot of talent.

You think the equipment is going to be too expensive or you’ll have to spend years getting it right. But the truth is, with Dr Drum helping you lay down the beats, it’s easier than you’d EVER imagined. Other DJs just want you to think it’s harder than it is, so they seem like the ballers on the block but you could be setting up tracks that will blow them into the stratosphere!

Today is the day to learn you don’t have to be rich to create professional sounding tracks that will get the party started right! You don’t have to lay out a lot of money or spend years learning to create professional sounding beats! But you DO need to make sure that you…

A lot of people out there get ered by software that claims to help you build up the beats, but instead leaves you cold. The truth is that most beat-making software is lame. They won’t let you build out the nasty beats you want because:

Then, when you export them they get compressed again which lowers the quality even more!This leaves you with a master track that is double compressed and well below industry standard. If you try to play them in a club or sell them to a producer you’ll get laughed at, because they’ll sound like a little kid made them off a 1970s c ette tape.

Its sc d together from wannabe musicians which make your beats sound like they were made on a phone keypad.

Most of them are so technical that nobody is ever going to understand it! Lucky for you, Dr Drum is completely intuitive and anyone can learn how to master it in a few hours. In other words, other beat-making software is just child’s play! Don’t fall for that crap. Dr Drum is the real deal. You’ll be exporting professional, club quality tracks the same day you install it on your computer.

You are not going to believe how easily you’ll be able to become a professional beat maker. Babes will want to know you. Dudes will want to dance to your grooves. Your music will put you in the spotlight.

With Dr Drum you’ll be making the same types of high quality tracks as the best artists and producers in the business.…All for less than the price of a dinner for 2 at your favorite joint! There is almost no learning curve at all. Every song you make will be a banger!

It used to be that it could take days or even weeks to lay down a high-quality beat and mix in your samples.

But with Dr Drum, you can turn out a full professional track in minutes. That’s because we’ve built the easiest to use interface and take the time to teach you exactly how to use it.

You can even import any sound you need in a matter of seconds. You’ll have access to the same tools as the pros use, but at a fraction of the cost. We’ve got you covered! It’s so simple….

We’ve done everything we can to build in the you need when you are ready to start building your beats and blowing other DJs away. We’ve thought of everything, because we know you want to make music that makes people want to bust a move.

Our 16 track sequencer makes it easy to compose and edit your masterpiece fast, a powerful yet highly intuitive interface allows you… Read more…

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